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Naitik M, Corespondent

Naitik likes to call himself a full time learner. Shares his thoughts on what he finds interesting at www.investingreel.com .A stock market enthusiast and firm believer in value investing philosophy. He is a CFA L-3 candidate and MBA. Currently works at a stick broking firm based out of Mumbai, India

Ekaterina Volkov, Corespondent

Ekaterina is an economist with a solid background in political economy, international relations, and Russian-related topics. He worked for the last ten year in one of the top banks in Eastern Europe.

Farheen Irfan, Corespondent

With a solid experience in blockchain, Fareheen has written numerous ICO critical reviews, coin investment reports and various blogs related to fundamental blockchain technology, ongoing trading strategies and metrics to analyze different projects.

Her areas of expertise include: Pakistan financial markets,Blockchain, Decentralized applications (dapps)

She has also written White papers for established crypto currencies and digital payment processors.

Simon Mutunga, Corespondent

Simon Mutunga M’erimba holds a Degree in Education specializing in English and Literature and a Master's Degree in Theatre Arts and Film Technology from Kenyatta University.

Simon is an experienced Freelance Writer, specializing in Web Content Creation and Screenwriting. He is also a Film Scholar, Researcher, Critic, Trainer, and Educator specializing in Video Editing, Visual Effects in Film, Cinematography, and Photography.

Mutunga is also an accomplished author. He has published two books. His first book, Aesthetics of Kenyan Drama Films, was recognized by BookAuthority as one of the Best Drama Film Books of All Time in 2020. His other book is called Crisis Management Handbook: Coping with Financial and Job Loss Crises.

Antonio Lovera, Editor in chief

Antonio has extensive experience in financial markets, he has been working as a COO of one of the top investor advisor firms in Latin America, where he has been creating compelling investor thesis for multiple public firms.

David Roman, IT Leader

David is a software engineer with extensive experience in web development, he has been especially focused on helping investor users to have a better user experience in financial portals.