Javer announces the 5th Javer Sustainability Award

Javer, one of the largest homebuilders in Mexico, has been known for its comprehensive sustainability strategy and for always seeking to innovate the way in which it positively influences all its stakeholders. As part of these efforts, the company recently announced the fifth "Javer Sustainability Award", which seeks to promote and recognize college students in the state of Nuevo Leon who wish to create and implement innovative sustainability projects.

The three core aspects that this initiative seeks to promote are:

  • Social innovation, with the objective of promoting programs focused on the development of the communities’ social fabric. 
  • Sustainable urbanization, oriented towards programs that promote efficiency, quality, and impact reduction in construction processes. 
  • Sustainable communities, with programs that promote the sustainable development of cities and communities.

Since its launch in 2018, the " Javer Sustainability Award"  has made it possible to bring college students closer to the reality of their communities. Throughout these years, the implementation of very innovative projects has allowed Javer to promote the environmental and social development of the communities where it operates. 

During the first editions of the award, projects such as the renovation of one of its nurseries and the creation of sustainable urban furniture were carried out. These actions have had a direct impact on the Company's daily activities, improving, for example, the efficiency of rescue and care processes for native plants in JAVER nurseries. To date, the nursery has housed more than 5,000 plants, which in turn have become part of the green areas of JAVER's developments. The quality of life in the communities has also benefited.

Last year’s winning project met the needs of a specific community, for which it designed and implemented the installation of urban gardens, workshops on their proper use, renovated public transportation stops, installed solar energy lamps on walkways, recycling programs and tree planting that have contributed to the integral growth of the community.

This new edition of the contest seeks to achieve transversality between the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Company's own goals. Participants must formulate a proposal that matches the specifications of the Sustainable Urbanization axis, transforming a community center or a clubhouse into a sustainable construction. Participants will have a month and a half to make a proposal that incorporates eco-technologies and (non-structural) adaptations to the buildings, as well as a mobile device charging station with renewable energy sources.

Finally, the best project will be implemented in one of the Company's active developments by the winning team.

This year, the invitation to take part in this event is open to all college students in the state of Nuevo León, who are looking to see one of their projects come to fruition with a company of long-standing track record of sustainable commitments.

Author: Ekaterina Volkov