On February 27, Javer was distinguished anew as a socially responsible company after appearing on the preliminary list of recipient firms of the 2023 ESR Distinction (ESR is the Spanish acronym for corporate social responsibility) granted jointly by the Cemefi and AliaRSE (Spanish acronyms Mexican Center for Philanthropy and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility, respectively), to companies with sound CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices. This is the sixth time in a row that the Construction Firm achieves this accolade, obtained by meeting certain ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) benchmarks, assessed through a voluntary self-diagnosis process verified by Cemefi.

The renewal of its ESR Badge is a new demonstration of Javer's unwavering commitment to sustainability. In recent years, the Company has intensified its ESG efforts, adopting a CSR model aligned with the ISO 26000 standard, to identify areas of impact and prepare comprehensive solutions that contribute to: i) ensuring the well-being of its associates; ii) environmental preservation; and iii) making a positive impact on society.

For the first objective, the Company follows a three-pronged approach: Training and Talent Development; Occupational Health and Safety; and Job Satisfaction. Through this, the Company fosters a healthy & safe work environment that utterly promotes gender equality and equal opportunities, for its associates to grow as professionals while enjoying competitive salaries and benefits (ranging from savings and retirement planning, recognition of productivity and loyalty, mental health care, work-life balance, etc.) 

Thus, driven by its proper execution, the Housing Company has established itself as one of the best places to work in Mexico, as pointed out by the GPTW Mexico institute that has included it in its rankings for 6 times straight, counting the last edition (which encompasses the year 2022), where Javer was placed the outstanding #2 and #3 positions in the lists for companies with between 500 and 5,000 associates, for the categories "Multisector - Construction, Infrastructure and Real Estate"; "Regional - Northwest Region", respectively; and ranked #35 in the overall ranking that considers all industries and regions (improving 6 positions over the #41 position obtained the previous year).

On the environmental front, Javer counts on various initiatives that invite its associates and the public to join the fight against climate change, highlighting its traditional tree planting and flora rescue programs (supported by its 4 forest nurseries and 10 urban gardens nationwide), as well as its recycling campaigns.

Thanks to such initiatives, Javer boasts a track record of roughly 52,000 trees planted (18,975 in 2022); over 19,000 plants rescued (1,239 in 2022); 4,690 sprouted trees (1,000 in 2022) and 1,760 sprouted cacti (1,200 in 2022); and up to 29,000 kg of recycled material (6,700 kg in 2022).

Moreover, seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of its developments, the Company designed four new prototypes under EDGE standards (buildings that generate at least 20% savings in energy & water and achieved a 20% saving in construction materials), implementing them in 2 developments and attaining the certification for 1,880 homes in 2022.

Finally, social-labor-wise, the Housing Firm has 22 community centers distributed over the communities where it is present. These centers serve as the ideal place for Javer to conduct different activities aimed at supporting those most in need and making a positive impact in the community, such as: Vaccination campaigns (8,975 vaccines applied in 2022); PET collection campaigns (9,757 cleaning products exchanged); donation campaigns (2,396 toys donated between Children's Day and Christmas); workshops, courses, and social events (more than 26,000 neighbors participated during the year), among others.

These endeavors are coupled with Javer's significant efforts to contribute to addressing such a critical issue as education, as the Company inaugurated its first classroom for construction workers and community members (located in the Lincoln Valley) and joined CAINTRA's Business Alliance for Technical Education in Nuevo Leon to provide scholarships to students.

It is expected that Javer will continue on the same path, faithful to its aspiration to become a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility for the sector and the country, endorsing its status as a Socially Responsible Company year after year.




Author: Ricardo Avila