RD Impulsora Secures $80 Million Loan from Sivo to Support Small Businesses in Mexico

RD Impulsora de Negocios, a pioneering firm dedicated to fostering the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico, has announced that it has secured a substantial loan of 80 million pesos from Sivo, a global leader in financial solutions for the fintech industry. This strategic infusion of funds is set to propel RD Impulsora’s mission to assist small businesses in navigating their growth trajectories and overcoming challenges posed by the conventional financial sector.

Sivo’s investment in RD Impulsora underscores a shared vision for economic empowerment and innovation, recognizing the critical role SMEs play in the Mexican economy. Despite their potential, many of these businesses often find themselves marginalized by traditional banking systems, facing barriers that stifle their growth and sustainability. RD Impulsora stands out not only by providing essential financial support but also by offering strategic advisory services that are custom-tailored to the unique needs of each enterprise. This holistic approach ensures that SMEs receive not just capital, but also the knowledge and guidance necessary to navigate market dynamics and scale effectively.

The funds from this loan are earmarked for several key initiatives aimed at amplifying RD Impulsora’s impact. These include expanding their loan portfolio to reach more underserved businesses, enhancing their advisory services to include cutting-edge market analysis and strategic planning tools, and investing in technology to streamline the application and management process for clients. By doing so, RD Impulsora aims to become a beacon of support for SMEs, helping to unlock their potenCal and contribute more significantly to Mexico’s economic fabric.

“Securing this loan from Sivo is a landmark achievement for RD Impulsora and, more importantly, for the SMEs we serve,” said Diego Garcia, CEO of RD Impulsora de Negocios. “It validates our innovative approach to supporting businesses that are traditionally overlooked by mainstream financial institutions. With Sivo’s support, we can extend our reach and deepen our impact, helping more small businesses to thrive, innovate, and compete on a larger scale.”

About RD Impulsora de Negocios: RD Impulsora de Negocios is a visionary financial services provider based in Mexico, specializing in supporting the growth and development of SMEs. With a unique blend of financial solutions and strategic advisory services, RD Impulsora is committed to helping small and medium-sized enterprises overcome the barriers to growth and achieve their full potential.

About Sivo: Sivo is a leading global fintech company specializing in providing innovative financing solutions. With a mission to democratize access to financial services, Sivo partners with businesses and organizations worldwide to fuel growth and economic development.

Author: Eliana Zuluaga