11 Credible Real Estate Agents that Provide Services to Foreign Investors in Kenya

Investors should verify credible real estate agents before investing their money. Many real estate agents in Kenya offer services to both local and foreign investors who wish to purchase property in the country. Some real estate agents have their own land that they can sell to clients; others act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers.

Credible real estate agents will help you research the records of the land you are buying so you don’t purchase land that is illegally owned. To curb scams in the purchase and transfer of land, the president of Kenya launched an online land registration platform where people can buy and sell land in a transparent manner. This online service is in its pilot stage and is only available in Nairobi. 

This article covers some reliable companies that you may consider contacting if you are interested in Kenyan real estate investments.


1.    Knight Frank

Knight Frank is a real estate brokerage in Kenya, but its main headquarters is in London. As one of the leading real estate companies in Kenya, it offers the highest standards of integrity as well as quality. Knight Frank has offered landmark services since it was established in 1896 and has continued to ensure the highest advisory services to investors in both commercial and residential properties. High-end clients of the brokerage include the British High Commission and Safaricom, among others.

2.    Hass Consultants

Hass Consultants is a real estate company located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. The company offers real estate services around the city of Nairobi. Its services include property and facility management, asset valuation, selling and leasing property, property market research, and joint venture financing and marketing.  It is mostly focused on high-end properties that ensure high capital returns and rental gains. Hass also offers its clients a bonus called Hass index, which is the published property price in Kenya. 

3.    Optiven Enterprise

This is another one of the best companies in Kenya when it comes to buying land. Located in Nairobi, Optiven Enterprise has been credited for its commitment to buying land for the middle class and lower income earners.  The company has managed to disburse 6,259 title deeds throughout Kenya. It has also received 13 awards for its service to 7,734 happy clients. 

4.    Lloyd Masika

Lloyd Masika was established in 1979 and is a reliable real estate agent company in Kenya. It offers services such as property management, consultancy, valuation, leasing, and subleasing of property.

5.    Diamond Properties

This is a very efficient real estate company that offers 24/7 client service. The team of property managers in this company is highly committed and offers online support, which makes it easier for clients to get services from the comfort of their homes. 

6.    Villa Care

Villa Care Kenya provides personalized services for both residential and commercial properties. It also links landowners with financiers who wish to engage in joint ventures and offers other services such as property management and real estate. 

7.    Ramugo Projects Management Limited 

Ramugo is a full-service real estate investment and financial consulting firm which delivers a full spectrum of support in investments and finance. This company provides comprehensive planning for investments and projects for their clients and potential clients. 

The CEO of the Ramugo Projects Management Limited has plenty of experience in real estate investment and retains a team of committed property managers who provide customized services to their clients. The company also helps clients acquire land in prime areas, arranges for financing, and helps clients develop and manage properties. Ramugo is only six years old, but it has grown to be a reputable real estate company due to the one-stop-shop services offered to real estate investors. 

8.    Suraya Property Group Limited

Suraya Property Group Limited was started in 2006. It is located in Nairobi and has served many clients in its 14 years of existence. Suraya has various projects, some of which are ongoing while others are completed. Some of its completed projects are Fourways Junction Phase 1, Fourways Junction Phase II, Rosslyn Gardens, and Rosslyn Heights. 

9.    Dunhill Consulting Limited

This company was incorporated in 2003. Dunhill prides itself on its philosophy of professionalism, cost-effectiveness, and hassle-free services. The company also sells land in different parts of the city to people who are willing to invest in real estate. In addition to selling land and managing residential and commercial properties, Dunhill offers godowns for rent and sale as well as serviced apartments.

10.    Hayer One

Hayer One is a company that believes the easiest way to be successful is to help others succeed. They have a team of consultants, contractors, suppliers, bankers, and employees who assist in ensuring delivery of the highest standard of services at very competitive prices.

It prides itself on completed projects such as The Marquis, The Address, The Crescent, The Gateway, and Elixir.

11.    Pam Golding Properties Kenya

Pam Golding Properties initiated operations in 2012. It offers services such as the sale of commercial and residential properties, land, and the development of property for sale. The company takes pride in projects such as Garden City Business Park, Embassy Court, Karen Landmark, and Fortis Tower.



The companies above are a sample of some of the best real estate companies in Kenya, but they are not the only ones. Before you hire the services of a real estate agent, be sure you research your options to ensure you receive the best terms and services. 

Author: Mutunga Erimba Simon